The Mindful Neighbor

I am in the midst of research for my final project in the Master of Arts in Design for Sustainability program. My focus is on behavior change towards a more sustainable lifestyle, and with this, an increased consciousness and presence. My theory for this project is context + tools = application. 


To make a change, awareness doesn't necessarily equal action. But a tailored message to a specific community, with specific tools on how to live more sustainably will help people understand and want to apply it to their situations. As Ezio Manzini explains,

“Moving from the idea of ‘designing to solve problems’ to one of ‘designing to enable people to live as they like’ while moving towards sustainability implies a change in the designers role. In short, they should not (try to) impose their ideas of what they think should be done, but they should actively and positively participate in the social processes where these new and processing ideas are emerging.”

I want to explore how we can enable people to do more of what they love, and how to show them that taking the time to slow down and think about impact often better connects us to the people, places, and things that surround us.