Information without Apprehension

Coming down the home stretch, the visuals are starting to come together, and I'm trying my best to apply the little UX knowledge I have to the network's function.  I want the UX to reflect the goal of the app, which is to allow education, collaboration, and inspiration. There is a balance to find in how much information I provide, to make it enticing, rather than overwhelming. 

I want people to feel ease in looking at the educational side of the network, and not feel apprehensive that it's trying to shove a message down their throats. I hope that part of this ease will come from the fact that the information will continually be provided by different nonprofits and bcorps, making it less biased, but I feel as though the user experience is just as important. 

Luckily, there is a magical prototyping website that helps me to test out this UX ease as I go. Marvel is a lifesaver, and so easy to use with its link to Dropbox. I have been adding sceens as I go to allow me to see how my wireframe is working together in real time. 

I'm hoping with careful visual and UX design, as well as providing information in bite-sized pieces, that I won't turn users off from learning about sustainability. I don't actually mention the word once in the app design, but its education side focuses on the important aspects of environmental and social sustainability. I hope it shows users that these values in sustainability are actually things we value in everyday life, and sustainability can unite us, rather than divide us, if we want it to. 

I hope to have a pretty pitch to show you next week! Thanks for reading :)