How Do We Make People Care?

We're on the downhill of this quarter long roller coaster, and it's the most exciting part of the ride. Lots of work still lies ahead, but things are starting to fall into place, and the groundwork is is paying off.

Some of my research in the beginning of the quarter surrounded nonprofits efforts with their campaigns, and how they create interaction and involvement. I thought I would look for some strategy to help foster collaboration between business, nonprofit, government, and individuals.

Many of the questions that surrounded their articles related to "how do we make them care?"

This is one of the main puzzles that surrounds advocates in the sustainability field. How do we make people care? The network I'm creating is set up like a focused, goal oriented Pinterest. I'm hoping to provide education and inspiration, to make people care, which hopefully leads to collaboration and problem solving.

The structure, as you can see in the developing wireframe, is a nonprofit or bcorp presenting an issue, and education around it. The education aspect is presented in 3 levels. As the user scrolls through an issue, they can understand the concise global context, local context, and personal context to help create more meaning. They can then respond with an idea or action that relates to making improvements to the issue, which others can see and become inspired by.

The social network is titled Waves. Participants, when responding to an issue, can post 'ripples' and exchange ideas and creativity on a variety of problems. Users will be able to see all the ripples they've posted over time, and how those ripples have contributed to help make larger waves towards positive social change. The mission of Waves is to help create the most vibrant people, planet, and communities we possibly can, while having fun and being inspired in the process.

We will see if education, inspiration, and collaboration within Waves will trigger people to care, or become more aware of the issues around us, and I'm eager to test it out. I'm dedicating this week to visual development, and am excited to show y'all what I come up with. Suggestions are always welcome! Until next week :)