I'm finished! Waves is ready for presentation on Tuesday. Let me share a little bit about where it ended up,

As a reminder, I felt like the opportunity for this project laid here:

Millennials hold power in the sustainability movement as young professionals entering the workforce. Yet, much of this age group actually missed sustainability education in their curriculums.  Often millennials are interested in the topic, and are, in fact, environmentally conscious. However, they do not know specifically how living more sustainably can benefit themselves, their communities, and future generations. The sustainability movement will thrive when this age group becomes more conscious in adopting sustainable living habits, and understand the reasons why these habits are important to local and global futures. 

A social media tool to encourage diffusion of information, inspiration, and collaboration between global and local players could present an enticing option to create a network of informed and motivated users. 

So with this idea in mind, I went through a deep dive of research and design thinking, some of which I've discussed in earlier posts. I came up with Waves.

Waves is a social network for millennials and their peers, who want an understanding of the world around them, and a deeper connection to the local and global organizations they interact with. Waves provides a space to learn about what makes vibrant people, planet, and communities, and opportunity to collaborate with others to make a positive impact.

The idea of the network is to involve all of the stakeholders required to create sustainable change. Businesses, Benefit Corporations, Nonprofits, Organizations, and Citizens. When we bring all of these players together, we can create collective movement, ripple by ripple.

Waves wants to create movement towards a better, more vibrant world. We are so connected through technology, and to waste that opportunity to mobilize people for positive impact would be a lost opportunity. Waves is a platform to connect unlikely partners, regardless of background, towards similar goals to foster creativity and collaboration. Sometimes a little inspiration, information, and opportunity to be a part of something bigger is all we need to be empowered to make a difference. Every ripple adds up, and waves and movement will follow. We are vibrant en masse, and we can work together across disciplines and beliefs towards a common goal: better quality of life for ourselves and future generations. 

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples
— Mother Teresa